President Trump's Inauguration

January 20, 2017

What an historic day – the Inauguration of President Trump. An impactful event that will most likely spark myriad intense and diverse emotions and reactions in millions of people around the globe.


Last year, I woke up the morning after the American election to find that my WhatsApp had gone crazy with friends and family expressing their shock - and in many cases horror, grief and anger about the new President Elect of the U.S.A. Facebook was a mixture of fear for the future, scathing jokes and diatribes about Trump himself, attempts to understand exactly what had happened from a socio-political perspective and even the occasional flippant remark about the obvious and unfortunate dawn of the apocalypse.


When there is a shock of this scale, waves of fear roll over and around humanity. Our energy bodies shrink. Our thoughts snowball out of control, exploring the worst possible scenarios and how things could unravel. Just like joy, fear is a contagious emotion. Like a bushfire, the smallest sparks can become forest-engulfing flames within an instant.


It is important that we be able to feel our fear. Every emotion is useful. Fear, grief, anger, shock and even hate are no exception. Yet from a vibrational perspective, fear is an emotion that can powerfully distort reality, and if we give our power to it, it can cause us to contribute energetically to the exact outcome we seek to avoid.


One of the most challenging side-effects of fear is that it disempowers us. Our limbic system reacts to a scary situation by focusing all of our attention on the potential threat. The problem is that energy follows consciousness. As we focus on the thing we are afraid of, we feed it energetically. As we worry about the event or situation, our energy field shrinks and the problem’s energy field expands. We literally give our power to the problem, and in doing so, we disempower ourselves.  


If we want to be peace makers, we can’t afford to focus our energy on that which frightens us - even if it has very convincingly persuaded us we should be afraid, very afraid! We need to focus on the goodness-in-disguise inside of that thing; to send it love, to pray for it and to hold a vision that even if there’s only the smallest shred of virtue in there, that that virtue be what comes to the forefront. To do this, we’re going to need to learn to accept and to love the unloveable. For me, this inauguration is providing a very good training ground to practice putting the theory of loving the unloveable into action!


Over the next three years, we have a choice. We can try to change what we can’t and spend our energy resenting the President Elect, or we can accept the thing we can’t change and focus on changing the things we can. Although it may seem disempowering to accept something that distresses us, the truly amazing thing - and the paradox of life - is that when we accept the things we have no power over (those things outside of ourselves) and change the things we do have power over (our own thoughts and actions), the outside world often transforms. We call our power back from that which scares us, and their impact in our lives decreases.


I have a friend in the USA who grew up next door to Donald Trump and his family. When he was a child, he tragically lost his father. Donald Trump was the heart of compassion to my friend and his mother during this time of grief. He genuinely cared deeply about their wellbeing and went out of his way to do everything he could for them, to look after them and to help them heal.


This story for me is very heartening as it shows the humanity, love, compassion and generosity that lives inside a man who is often considered to be the opposite of these things. It gives me just enough evidence of his secret inner goodness for me to wrap my consciousness around. When my thoughts go wild with fear and judgement, I can use this to bring them back to peace.


As part of my acceptance of the President Elect, I will be remembering this story, and also deliberately trying to notice every little thing that Donald Trump says or does that comes from a place of love or contributes to some form of good. I will be doing my best to send love to the integrity inside of him and I’ll be praying that he be inspired to make decisions that benefit the American people - and humanity as a whole. At the end of the day, what harm can it do?


And whilst the result of the election is finalised, there are plenty of things that I can change moving forward. As I focus on loving the unloveable in the outside world, I can also try to find and transform the unconscious parts of myself that may not be so skillful or compassionate. Is there anything that I judge within the President Elect that may be hiding in a different form within myself? Those things are within my jurisdiction! This wake up call is an opportunity for me to look more deeply at who I am as a person and what I want to contribute to society.


No matter what’s happening in the outside world, I have the power to decide what I put my energy into. I get to choose what I create with my thoughts and actions. As I accept the results of the election with as much love as possible, I am free to use my energy not on resentment, but on creating the world I know is possible. I’m excited by the kind of world we could create together if we each just keep playing our part and being our most empowered selves.


Good luck team! Use the force!


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