Chakras and the Unconscious

August 10, 2019

The unconscious mind makes up about 95% of all of our thinking and perception of the world around us and thus has a massive influence on how we behave. As a consequence, it has a huge impact on our experience of life, and on our successes and failures in any endeavor you could possibly imagine, from relationships to hobbies to career. This can be problematic because it means that the thing that affects our life the most, is (by it's own nature, what with being the unconscious and all) outside of our awareness. And outside our awareness usually means outside of our control. Bringing our unconscious back into consciousness and transforming it is a secret of empowerment that is what much of both spirituality and psychology are about.




For me, working with the chakras is one of the most powerful ways to do this. It completely fascinates me as a psychologist that in an Ignite Your Spirit one-on-one session, I can scan someone’s chakras and suddenly have insight into the type of thoughts, beliefs, memories or emotions my client is holding in their unconscious that are impacting the situation they are seeking to transform. This skill is not unique to me. There are many people around the world who are sensitive to energy and can perceive similar things in their own ways. It's like the unconscious, whilst hidden from our conscious mind, has matter of its own, and I believe from my experience that that matter could be the chakra system and energy body. When you work with the energy body, you can change the shape of the unconscious and transform old patterns. It's amazing how effective it can be, like clearing away storm clouds to make way for the sun. ⛈🙁 ➡️ ⛅️ ➡️ ☀️❤️


Often, when I mention what I perceive to a client, (sometimes an image I’m seeing, sometimes a feeling, thought or attitude, sometimes a metaphor or archetype and sometimes a sense of something they may have experienced years ago) they tend to really resonate with the information and sometimes wonder how I know that about their experience. Often they hadn’t associated the events or emotions I perceive with the present-day situation, but feel the connection (sometimes quite emotionally) when it is mentioned. When we release it, they notice the current situation in their lives (the one they were visiting me about in the first place) begin to transform.


So how do I know it? I don’t exactly. I am just interpreting the energy I can feel sitting in their chakras. I think anyone can learn to do this. Once we can perceive the blockages, we can release those old patterns and set the chakra free to create better, more abundant and happy circumstances in the part of life it is responsible for. It’s truly amazing, and becomes even more powerful when you can facilitate this process for yourself.


With this skill of self-healing under our belt, we begin to be able to investigate those strange sabotaging behaviours we might have, such as:

-Pulling away when we are actually craving love 😣

-Lashing out about weird triggers we don’t understand ourselves even while we’re suddenly shouting 😡

-Hiding from opportunity 😶

-Avoiding success 😞

-People pleasing 😵

-Etc etc etc! 🌪😬🌪

We are able to work on these issues not at the symptom, but at the root - right in the unconscious - and to be able to make real changes in thought, feeling and behaviour. 🌳🌞🌷


Ignite Your Spirit 1 is the first part of this process. By the end of the weekend, you will have a general understanding of the chakra system and the multi-dimensional framework it sits in and you will be able to perform a simple energy healing for yourself or your friends.


This seminar is coming up in London for the first time since 2016! It will be on the 21st and 22nd of September at the University of East London. For information and bookings, please contact Vasudevi at


On the day, please bring all your curious questions so we can open our minds and inspire each other as well as try experiential meditation and healing techniques for transformation. I'm already excited! 🌞❤️


Loads of love, Gayatri xx





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