Where There is Hatred - Let us Sow LOVE!

June 6, 2020

Of late, crimes against certain racial groups have come to light in a way that has inspired people all over the world to say 'NO' and 'ENOUGH.' Whilst the crimes themselves were absolutely inexcusable, it seems there may be some light that might emerge from the pain and the darkness - liberating millions of people who have felt excluded, bullied and persecuted.



For most of us, it feels we could be on the verge of a positive and long yearned for shift - but there are (we may say shockingly!) some who oppose change in the direction of freedom and kindness to all.


How can we make a difference at this important moment in history? How can we be a positive force of love and respect to all people of all races, and help that attitude become the new norm?


One way is to heal our own judgement so we can be the power of good we want to be. There is a difference between judgement and accurate perception. When we judge, we pour our energy into whatever it is we are condemning. We actually lose our power, perpetuate our own pain, and lose the ability to rise strong and create a better reality.


Whatever we judge has power over us. Have you ever noticed that when you judge something, you can’t stop thinking about that thing and how bad it is? That is exactly the problem – we end up pouring all our energy into the exact thing we hate, accidentally making it worse.


When we can have accurate perception and say ‘I see that and it’s not OK’ but choose to lift our vibration instead of losing it in judgement, we can be of vast service in the world. With our own energy free and empowered, we can literally rise above, clean the negativity of old, painful and disruptive paradigms away and create paradigms of peace, empowerment, and respect for all beings.


In a liberated state of consciousness, we are also more free to take the required actions to bring about the solutions we want to create. Whenever we react to something, we are a little bit less powerful than we are when our actions come from wholeness and truth. So being able to balance ourselves in accurate perception rather than judgement is an important skill if we want to put our best foot forward in creating something new.


Being on a grounded spiritual path, even when we face the most grievous injustices, we ask ourselves “How can we bring love to this? How can we help create something better?” It’s not easy – but it IS true spiritual empowerment. And we can start one step at a time.


Lots of love


Om Shanti



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