Self Re-Empowerment

July 12, 2020




Have you ever felt like Indiana Jones and the boulder in life? Like something is big and scary and outside of your control and you can't quite get a grip on it? 😨


In my experience, this can happen in relation to health fears, work stress, projects, or even something uncomfortable in a relationship.


When we believe that our problems and challenges are bigger than we are, we lose our consciousness in fear and it can be very difficult to find the solution.


Even if we know what we are supposed to do, it can be hard to get motivated and start doing it, because we don't have faith in ourselves that we will succeed. 😕


As someone currently completing a PhD, I find that this is exactly how procrastination happens! I notice that when I think of the research as big and endless, I am much less motivated to work on it.


This is crazy, because my PhD topic is my passion, and when I do work on it, I enjoy it so much! 😍🤓❤️


But in the moments of fear or overwhelm, I feel smaller and less powerful than that vast expanse of un-done project before me. I feel like no matter how much work I get done it won't be enough - there will still be centuries more to go! 😱 Therefore, (my inner child tells me) it would be better to find something else to distract myself with and just pretend the PhD doesn't exist! 😇🙈🙉🙊😇


You may be surprised to learn that I have found this strategy unhelpful...


What I do find helpful in these moments, is to turn and face the thing that I'm afraid of. Instead of wallowing in discomfort or pretending the thing is not happening, I find it better to own the fear - to look it in the eyes, and to embrace the part of me that is scared.


Then, once I've felt it, I can call my power back from it.


Oh! I'm not smaller than this! I am the creator of this - and I can create anything I combine my consciousness, energy and action in! 💪☀️


Suddenly I am free. I am no longer living from fear, but from wholeness. I am empowered to take the right action at the right time without feeling like I have to hide. ❤️🦁


In the PhD example, suddenly I am doing what needs to be done, making real progress and feeling so satisfied: both by the experience and by the results!


In a health example, suddenly instead of pouring my energy and consciousness into illness, I realise that I am bigger and more powerful than it is, and I can pour my resources (mental, energetic and physical) into recovery and healing.


In a relationship example, I can stop fuelling patterns of discontent, and instead decide to build patterns of love and connection!


Seriously, it's like discovering yourself to be some kind of badass unicorn. 😎🦄


All of this is possible when we realise that WE have the power in our lives - not that scary thing. It's possible when we take that power back, and use it in the forward direction we want to go. 🚀☀️


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