All of You is Required to Be Your Best Self

July 25, 2020



Recently, I have been contemplating all the boxes and conditions we wrap ourselves up in concerning self-esteem and enough-ness. ✅❎📈🙃


My belief is that each one of us is perfectly formed (with all our cool bits AND all our weird bits) to have the journey our soul most wants to experience in this life.


'Journey' here is the key word. I can't think of any self-respecting journeys that don't come with challenges and obstacles. That type of journey just wouldn't be any fun! 😴


My belief is that even those painful experiences we have or 'wounds' we feel inside that can make us feel 'broken' are actually not imperfect, but part of the unique experience our soul has cultivated for its learning and growth. In other words, whilst they seem like the things that are holding us back, in my experience, these are the exact things that become our greatest opportunities. Usually, it's the challenge that makes us go deeper, makes us transform, makes us let go of that which is false and cleave to that which is true. Can you think of a more powerful thing? 🐛💥🦋


An observation that I have had in my own life, is that when I fight those things inside that I consider to be 'imperfect' (when I judge them, wish I was different, believe that I will never be enough because of them etc - and research has shown that we all have these types of thoughts as human beings!) I give my power to that identity of brokenness. 🙁


But when I can have accurate perception about my faults and flaws - AND bring compassion, acceptance and love to them, that's where the magic starts. That's where I begin to really learn and grow at a deeper level. That's where I begin to transform into the truth and wholeness that my soul is here to find. ❤️💪


Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves, comparing ourselves to other people and how they are successful, that we cripple our own capacity for success and joy.🎈📌😭


Each of us is different - and we are supposed to be! The beauty is in that uniqueness, and so success really can't be one size fits all.


To me, the path to success can't be about comparison with others, or ticking external boxes. It has to be about authenticity, humility and integrity. It is these ingredients that help us listen to that truest self inside, and be the most evolved version of that we can be. 🌞🌈💃🕺


It is through love and compassion, not through resistance, that we can make the most of all the lessons along the way, and become that which only we can be: ourselves ❤️🌟


THAT's the victory! 🎉

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