Gayatri runs a host of personal development retreats and seminars themed around purpose, relationships, spirituality and connecting to authentic joy.


Sunday Mornings 10.30-12.00, Lara's Cafe, Finsbury Park

Satsang is a weekly event - a combination of meditation and music to relax the mind, open the heart and light up the soul. Come along to experience a style of meditation that is fun, transformative and easy for the western mind. Meet wonderful people and get the best possible start to your week.


Satsang is held at 10.30am most Sunday mornings at Lara's Cafe in Finsbury Park.



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Ignite Your Spirit - Energy Healing Made Easy!

21 and 22 September, 2019

In this two-day seminar, you will learn about your own energy body, and how it is affecting your life every day. Learn simple energy healing techniques to help you manage your energy and your health. Appreciate the interaction between your energy field and your physical body.


Over the course of the workshop, you will not only learn about the chakras and how to heal them, but there will also be experiential sessions of meditation and easy exercises that will help you feel brighter and more balanced. You will take these exercises away into your daily life - to brighten and rejuvenate your world.

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Wales, April 2018

Immersed in beautiful Welsh countryside, we contemplated what it meant to be deeply, wonderfully contented. We rediscovered our innocence, and explored how to let the joy of life deeply into our hearts, how to come home to love and peace, and how to become our most authentic, happy, inspired and abundant selves. Not only was there meditation, teaching sessions and ceremony, but there was also time for creative endeavor, and we were amazed at the talents that were unveiled in the group! All in all, it was four days of miraculous transformation. By the end, our hearts were singing!

When the opportunity arose to visit a sacred retreat centre in Wales with Gayatri I jumped at the chance.  Residential retreats give me such an amazing opportunity to go in deep and find more of myself than ever before. I have attended a few residential retreats with Gayatri and I have found all of them to be joyful, and really safe. All of me knows I can go places I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable going. I know that the space will be held, and I will be able to let go of old patterns and behaviors that are no longer serving me and connect more with my true self to find more peace, more bliss, more joy.
Some of the highlights of this retreat were creative expression, painting and drawing, huge blessings, late night church walks, connecting with nature, the feeling of community coming together and of course Gayatri’s magnificent voice.

Laura Hamblyn - National Account Manager



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