Retreats and Classes

Gayatri runs a host of personal development retreats and seminars themed around purpose, relationships, spirituality and connecting to authentic joy.

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10.30-12.00 Most Sunday Mornings

Hackney Showroom HQ
Murrain Road
N4 2bN

Satsang is a weekly event - a combination of meditation and music to relax the mind, open the heart and light up the soul. Come along to experience a style of meditation that is fun, transformative and easy for the western mind. Meet wonderful people and get the best possible start to your week.

Please contact for dates and more information.

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Ignite Your Spirit 1

29th of February and 1st of March 2020

The Granary, Bedford

In this seminar we learn about our energy centers and the dynamic relationship they have with your health, physical body, mind, spirit and soul. You will learn the fundamentals of energy healing, and be able to cleanse your energy field and release pain and disease causing energy, using a simple system. This course is great for anyone wanting to work on their health, vitality, stamina, learn energy healing, healing meditations, and energetic life hacks. Expanding the chakras leads to greater capacity for success and wellbeing.

Early bird: £180

Full price: £230

Early bird ends Jan 17th

For more information, or to register your interest, please contact Vasu Devi:

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Ignite Your Spirit 2

28 and 29 March, 2020
University of East London, Stratford Campus

Prerequisites: Ignite Your Spirit 1

Building on the foundation of Ignite Your Spirit 1, here you learn to feel the energy centres through intuitive means, and profile your own energy field. A range of healing techniques are taught that with practice will enable you to shift old energetic patterns and pressures, leading to more peace, better health, less pain, and the capacity to balance the chakras for greater wellbeing. Energy healing is a fabulous complementary therapy for anyone interested in peak sporting performance, calming the mind, releasing chronic suffering and cultivating love and joy in life.

Full Price: £230
Early bird (registration and payment by the 2nd of March): £180
Super Early bird (registration and payment by the 17th of Jan): £150
Resits by heartfelt contribution to book

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Empowering Relationships 1

18th and 19th of April,

University of East London,

Stratford Campus

Empowering Relationships is one of the entry points to the Path of Ease and Grace seminar series. One of Gayatri's personal favourite seminars, Empowering Relationships teaches about how the five dimensions of who we are as people (our physical self, energy body, thoughts and beliefs, soul, and Divine self) play into our relationships, and offers tools for uplifting our relationships through each dimension. When we begin to understand the many parts of ourselves that affect our interactions with others, we begin to be able to create profound shifts in our dynamics, bringing more spaciousness, peace, respect, love and joy to relationships that we have both with ourselves and other people in our lives. Aside from this wonderful lift and shift in external relationships, learning about ourselves as we exist in relationship is one of the most profound ways to progress on our own path of spiritual development towards inner wholeness.

SUPER EARLY BIRD £150 ends 14th FEB 2020
EARLY BIRD £180 6th March2020

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Empowering Relationships 2

30 and 31 May, 2020
University of East London, Stratford Campus

Prerequisites: Empowering Relationships 1

In this dynamic program we explore how we lose our spirit and self-empowerment, and how to reclaim ourselves as we seek to grow in love and intimacy. What are the triggers that take us away from closeness and deep love? If we had intimacy and closeness once in a relationship, can we get it back again? What do we do with individual differences so we can be authentic without experiencing perpetual conflict? What do we do when faced with conflict and how do we bring it back to love? Learn more about the many dimensions of your relationship and take part in a relationship healing, which is likely to bring rapid positive change to your nominated relationship.

Full Price: £230
Earlybird (registration and payment by the 24th of April): £180
Super Earlybird (registration and payment by the 3rd of April): £150
Resits by heartfelt contribution

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Yoga of the Mind

13th and 14th of June, 2020

University of East London, Water Lane, Stratford

Prerequisites: Ignite Your Spirit 1

We know that our mindset is crucial to the direction of our life. But it can be hard to shift deep seated patterns which underlie our lives and cause disruption. Self defeating thoughts and beliefs can end in sorrow and self sabotage. The higher order consciousness of our spirit and soul can heal the mind and bring relief from even entrenched patterns.

Learn how to still your mind by accessing the light of your soul. Be set free from negative thought patterns, fear based and self-defeating beliefs and ideas. Open your mind to the guidance of your soul. Build healthy new patterns of thought. Embrace the power of your heart to bring more love joy and miracles into your life.

Full Price: £230
Early bird (registration and payment by the 8th of May): £180
Super Early bird (registration and payment by the 17th of April): £150
Resits by heartfelt contribution

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Dimensions of Wealth

5th and 6th of September, 2020

University of East London, Stratford

Have you used affirmations till you are blue in the face but they do not work? Have you heard the secret, but still you struggle with attainment of abundance and flow? Even working hard and changing the way we think, there are gaps that only awareness of your soul and spirit will fill. In this seminar, we explore not just our mind's relationship with wealth, but also how that works with our energy body and soul. When these three powerful parts of us align, we are easily able to manifest the life we yearn for in the physical world around us.

Full Price: £230
Early bird (registration and payment by the 31st of July): £180
Super Early bird (registration and payment by the 3rd of July): £150
Resits by heartfelt contribution

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Spiritual Mastery 1

10 and 11 October
University of East London, Stratford Campus

Prerequisites: Empowering Relationships 1 and 2, Yoga of the Mind and Dimensions of Wealth

If you have been looking for life’s instruction book, which we should have been issued with at birth, here it is! 12 spiritual laws of life, what they are, how and why they work, and how to align with them so as to expand your options and potential in life.

Working with the spiritual laws brings practical as well as spiritual progress and is of core importance in manifesting the life you dream of.

Full Price: £230
Early bird (registration and payment by the 4th of Sept): £180
Super Early bird (registration and payment by the 7th of August): £150
Resits by heartfelt contribution

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Spiritual Mastery 2

November 7 and 8, University of East London, Stratford Campus

Prerequisites: Empowering Relationships 1 and 2, Yoga of the Mind, Dimensions of Wealth, Spiritual Mastery 1

Spiritual Mastery 2 teaches 12 hallmarks that seem to be common to illuminated spiritual masters from different traditions and cultures around the world. Even when they follow very different paths, live in different countries, and practice different faiths. These hallmarks can be cultivated and practiced - and begin to make a difference in our lives even while we are just beginning our exploration of them. Together, they create radiance, help us deal with life’s challenges and make difficult decisions ethically and sensitively, with as much love and at the highest vibration we are capable of.

These hallmarks give us goal posts to aspire to as we develop along our unique path into self-mastery.

Full Price: £230
Early bird (registration and payment by the 2nd of October): £180
Super Early bird (registration and payment by the 4th of September): £150
Resits by heartfelt contribution

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Heaven to Earth

12 and 13 December, 2020
University of East London, Stratford Campus

Prerequisites: All other Path of Ease and Grace Seminars

Anchoring Heaven on Earth looks at 12 areas of life that all affect our vibration and that make up our experience on Earth. We travel through these 12 “soul mansions” during our incarnation, and our progress within them occurs bit by bit within a spiral framework. When we have blockages in any of these mansions of the soul, we will experience problems in that area of our life - but we can learn to grow through them and to use those challenges as opportunities to become the true self our soul envisages.

Meet your 12 soul mansions, take a self assessment quiz to see how you are currently faring and find out how you can bring the blaze of your soul into all of these areas. Doing so will powerfully lift your subconscious and thus your entire life into a whole new world of possibility. You will also see avenues for further study that are available to support each of the soul mansions.

When the soul mansions are blazing with light, you will experience your own personal Heaven on Earth. Bring on the Joy!

Full Price: £230
Early bird (registration and payment by the 23rd of October): £180
Super Early bird (registration and payment by the 3rd of September): £150
Resits by heartfelt contribution

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Past Retreats and Seminars

Wales, April 2018

Immersed in beautiful Welsh countryside, we contemplated what it meant to be deeply, wonderfully contented. We rediscovered our innocence, and explored how to let the joy of life deeply into our hearts, how to come home to love and peace, and how to become our most authentic, happy, inspired and abundant selves. Not only was there meditation, teaching sessions and ceremony, but there was also time for creative endeavor, and we were amazed at the talents that were unveiled in the group! All in all, it was four days of miraculous transformation. By the end, our hearts were singing!

Making friends with the locals
Our Group in Wales
The view from our meditation hall
More Locals

When the opportunity arose to visit a sacred retreat centre in Wales with Gayatri I jumped at the chance.  Residential retreats give me such an amazing opportunity to go in deep and find more of myself than ever before. I have attended a few residential retreats with Gayatri and I have found all of them to be joyful, and really safe. All of me knows I can go places I wouldn’t normally feel comfortable going. I know that the space will be held, and I will be able to let go of old patterns and behaviors that are no longer serving me and connect more with my true self to find more peace, more bliss, more joy.
Some of the highlights of this retreat were creative expression, painting and drawing, huge blessings, late night church walks, connecting with nature, the feeling of community coming together and of course Gayatri’s magnificent voice.

Laura Hamblyn - National Account Manager