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Coaching and Therapy

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Ignite Your Spirit Coaching

Ignite Your Spirit Coaching is a one-on-one modality which combines counseling, coaching, energetic healing, mindset and mindfulness techniques.

A session involves a check-in, followed by energy-based coaching, in which Gayatri will explore the issue you have presented through your chakras. Working with the chakras allows us to access the unconscious in a safe and powerful way.  The unconscious (and the old patterns of thought and emotion it carries) has huge power over how we experience, relate to and behave in the world around us. This means it has significant power over our capacity for success in pretty much every area of life.

Working with the energy body allows those sabotaging old patterns to be brought from the unconscious to the conscious and transformed, making way for situations to move forward with new energy, clarity, strength and empowerment.

Wandering Traveler


"Gayatri sensitively weaves a range of coaching skills and emotional healing techniques to provide her clients with powerful solutions for practical and emotional issues. Having practiced in a wide range of psychotherapy and counselling modalities I am impressed with the speed of Gayatri’s insight, intuition and wisdom. She achieves powerful results, often in one session, that help people to live more fully."

Libby Payne - Business Consultant (supporting organisations with solutions that promote employee wellbeing)